You want long-term protection and attach great importance to the environment?

LOGIC WATER consists of natural oils and ingredients and is therefore environmentally friendly. This way you can feel completely home. And because we are convinced of its naturalness and durability, we give 20 years warranty on our products. We do not have to explain what a damp wall is, you will know that from experience. It is more interesting to tell you how this problem develops and how we, Logic Chemie, can solve this.

Capillary moisture is water that penetrates through subtle tubes, the capillaries of the wall. This effect can be so strong that it rises from the basement to the walls above it. The result: Mold on the walls and peeling off of the plaster.


20 years warranty on the work performed

The fact that we have all confidence in our product means that we are giving a 20-year guarantee on the work performed. Pathogenic mold disappears and your quality of life increases. This also reduces energy costs and will keep you permanently satisfied.


No damage to the brickwork

There are several ways to fight moisture, which are less effective and cause damage and tearing on your walls. Our company ensures that your moist wall is treated while retaining the brickwork. When LOGIC WATER is used, smaller holes are drilled. Also, fewer holes are drilled than with other methods. The product is placed in the walls with a pressure syringe. The product has a different composition which allows it to spread faster and better in the wall. The holes are recited in a professional manner after use of the product. LOGIC WATER ensures that water stays out but makes aircirculation still possible. The building is thus able to breathe.

The unique composition of LOGIC WATER and LOGIC-EX makes it possible to stop water and allow air to pass. This is an essential condition for a home to create a healthy living space.

Because the building is waterproof, it is prevented against moldi and microorganisms. The walls remain dry, so your energy consumption will also decrease.