There are a number of situations in which it is necessary to remove all or a part of layers of concrete to apply new layers. After that, it is often necessary to install new slope wedges, damaged areas have to be repaired and surfaces must be covered with an anti-wear layer. During renovations, concrete surfaces are broken and replaced by new concrete. These are situations where a good bonding layer is important. For such situations, we have LOGIC-UH

Thanks to LOGIC-UH, the bonding layer between old and new concrete is so strong that bending pressure eventually breaks the concrete and not the point at which the two layers are glued.

The same applies to thin estrich or concrete layers applied to old dehydrated concrete or estrich. It can even withstand heavy-duty trucks or wheels. The subsequent slope wedges can be stretched practically to zero (about 1.5 times the grain strength) without scale off the thin estrich layer.

Repair of surface tear and joint tears

LOGIC-UH is most used to repair cracking in surfaces and joints.

This type of damage can be repaired quickly, cheaply and durably with a LOGIC-UH bonding layer. schermafbeelding-2016-12-12-om-14-39-48After the broken parts of the surface have been removed and the surface is optionally cleaned before the treatment, the product is applied to the damaged areas. Immediately after that we will scrape, sand or smooth it in the usual way.

LOGIC-UH also uses we to repair joints again.