LOGIC-DP is a liquid two-component plastic that is invisible on concrete because the coating (once applied) penetrates the substrate and there dries and becomes hard.

Moreover, the product has a very high creep and penetration capacity for mineral building materials.
Unlike Hydro phobic impregnation (for example with LOGIC-EX), impregnation with LOGIC-DP surfaces makes water vapor diffusion proof, gives it a higher mechanical resistance, and makes it a repellent layer that is also resistant to hydrostatic pressure. In addition, LOGIC-DP (as opposed to hydrophobic impregnation) is also absolutely dense when applied by organic solvents, oil, detergent-containing water, etc.

The concrete is therefore resistant to water, mineral oil, solvents, acids, salts, schermafbeelding-2016-12-12-om-14-44-44combustion gases, chemicals, weather and erosion after treatment.

Often it is a problem to protect concrete floors in, for example, airplanes, multi-storey plants or farms against invasive mineral oils, chemicals, saline solutions, liquid manure or wastewater. This may be necessary to keep the concrete undamaged or to make it easier to clean, but also because of environmentally friendly considerations.

Concrete floors that have to be cleaned frequently with a water pressure (for example in livestock and milk stalls) are easier to clean after treatment with LOGIC-DP and the concrete does not get rough due to the frequent spraying.
The relatively thin layer of a normal coating system can not guarantee this sufficiently. Once people use a machine, such coating is quickly damaged and there are unprotected concrete spots on the floor.

If the concrete is been treated with LOGIC-DP, it is resistant to all types of spread salt (or other means to melt the ice). Compared to non-impregnated concrete (which already shows damage after 1 to 5 treatments with straw salt), even after 50 times freeze and defrost with spread salt, the LOGIC-DP treated surfaces will remain free from damage. LOGIC-DP can hold machines of more than 1000kg / m2 without any damage to the surface and for a minimum of 20 years!