LOGİCCLEAN-BT is a neutral, highly effective cleaner with excellent handling for removing old paint and varnishes, coating, tar and bitumen layers, graffiti, glue residues, resinous substances, etc. Nevertheless, LOGİCCLEAN-BT is skin-friendly. It consists alcoholic hydrocarbon and is biodegradable.

LOGİCCLEAN-BT does not remove glue (indoor use), lime coatings and silicate paint because they do not contain soluble resin. Silicone paint and lime layers can be removed with LOGİCCLEAN-SF. Glue paint can be removed with water (mixed with some LOGİCCLEAN-N). LOGİCCLEAN-BT is suitable for all mineral and metal surfaces, wood and ceramic, concrete and natural stone surfaces, bricks and patches that need to be removed from old paint coatings .

LOGİCCLEAN-BT is a colorless, creamy liquid substance that can be easily applied to clean surfaces with brushes, paint rolls, airless sprayers or soft brushes with natural hair.