Specially designed for use in indoor areas as a long-term treatment against mold. Unlike conventional antimold sprays, DRYEX does not contain any toxic substances such as chlorine or hypochlorite and has no bleaching or corrosive effect.

Mold occur through moisture. This does not always have to be because of a leakage but can also be caused cooking, washing, boiling, showering followed by a reduced air circulation..schermafbeelding-2016-12-12-om-14-25-14

Molds and that kind of microorganisms are more dangerous than commonly known. They are responsible for a large number of diseases and allergic reactions. There need to be caution with because it can cause constantly mild cold infections. Especially for children it can have more serious consequences.

Therefore there have to be attention for effective prevention against mold in living and working areas.

DRYEX is specially designed for indoor use with long lasting effects. DRYEX also stops the spread and growth of many other harmful microorganisms in addition to mold. In contrast to the cheap anti-mold sprays, eg which consist hypochlorite (chlorine) and are effective for only a few hours to days, DRYEX works for several months.