About us

Logic Chemie is a company specialized in technical chemical products for the construction industry. The office is located in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands but operates in several locations.

Logic Chemie’s products are constantly improved to ensure superior quality. We stand for environmental protection and sustainability. All our products are therefore environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


We specialize in multiple areas:

1. Waterproofing of buildings. Horizontal, vertical and against capillary moisture.

2. Protection of external facade of buildings against water in order to reduce energy costs.

3. Cleaning the exterior of buildings.

4. Removal of oil, graffiti and such heavy dirt.

5. Removing mold and prevent against moisture.

6. Surface protection against aggressive chemicals, cleaning agents, oil and so on.

7. Reparing buildings and concrete protection.


Besides the Netherlands, we have a distributor in Istanbul, Turkey (see www.logicchemieturkiye.com). The training and seminars are held in the Netherlands to train our staff and to make sure our quality is guaranteed.

As we are convinced of the company, our staff and the products we give a 20 year guarantee!

Our professionals can respond in multiple areas, private persons or Business to Business. We would like to give you personal advice.