Alcoholic skin antiseptic
Ingredients: 0,25 g Benzalkonium chloride
25,00 g 1-Propanol / 100g
Other constituents: purified water

What kind of product is LogicSept and what is it used for?

LogicSept is an alcoholic skin antiseptic for hygienic hand and skin disinfection
It is used for disinfections before surgical procedures like injections, punctures, cannulations, blood samples, catherisation, the medical care of sutures as well as chirurgic hand disinfection and other similar applications.
The ingredients of 1-Propanol and Benzalkonium chloride act against bacteria, mold, yeast and many viruses

What do you have to bear in mind before using LogicSept?

When Benzalkonium chloride is applied locally it is well tolerated.
The use of Benzalkonium chloride makes the disease exciters not intensive to other antibiotics.
This means there is no crossing resistance.
There isn’t known an interaction with other substances and also no limitations for the use during pregnancy and lactation.
The active substances rarely trigger off allergic reactions.
If you notice signs of an allergic reaction please inform your doctor or your pharmacist immediately.
Rarely or isolated side effects:
Allergic reactions like swelling, reddening or itching of the skin.

By evaluating the side effects, you can see the following frequencies:

Very often > 1 medicated person of 10
Often > 1-10 medicated persons of 100
Occasionally > 1-10 medicated persons of 1.000
Rarely > 1-10 medicated persons of 10.000
Very rarely > less than 1 medicated person of 10.000

The effective of Benzalkonium chloride

Benzalkonium chloride belongs to the aseptic medicaments and has similarity to soap.
The active substance has a large molecule, which has cationic compound with positive electrical charge.
By its shape and charge Benzalkonium chloride is both water and fat-soluble.
Therefore it well fits into the cell walls of the bacteria. The active substance makes the cell membranes permeable and germs burst off.
This inhibits the growth of the germs and kills them after that.
Benzalkonium chloride has a broad activity spectrum , for the detection of gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria, mold, yeast and other viruses.


For the use of off skin disinfection you have to apply the product on the skin until it is completely covered with the product.
Before punctures and injections you leave it to react for at least 20 seconds.
Before the puncture of joints, hollow organs and surgical interventions the impact time is at least 60 seconds.
Due variety and different sensitivity of the germs the impact time is an essential criterion for an optimal effect.